100 Baby Girl Name Ideas by Decade

Picking a name for your baby is one of the most important decisions you will make as a parent!  Perhaps you don’t know where to begin.  Here are 100 Baby Girl Names from the past to consider! With a few exceptions, these are all names I would consider giving to my baby girl!  So keep an open mind, consider being a trendsetter!

One name I did not include is Mary.  Such a rich name – it has its own natural beauty, Biblical and historical roots, and has even slipped down past the top 100 names to #126!  However, in the past it appeared near the top of almost every decade’s name list, and I’m sure you know it’s out there without needing to be told.

Note: If the names were not in the top 1,000 baby names from 2017, their popularity is not included.

Pre World War


Meaning: She who brings happiness

2017 Popularity: #559

This is a beautiful name, especially if you use the nickname Bea (pronounced “Bee”).  You could also call her Bea (pronounced “Bay-ah”), which would sound like the Spanish “Bella” or “Beautiful.”  The name is especially old – derived from Latin – and therefore has a biblical feel to it, even if it isn’t specifically in the Bible.


Meaning: Bright, famous

Perhaps this name sounds a little too old fashioned to try out.  However, I like it for the potential nickname Bertie.  You can also use the nicknames or Betty or Birdy.  In addition, old-fashioned names are making a comeback, and in 10 years, this name may not sound as obscure as it does now!


Meaning: Victory

This is a nice alternate to Bernadette if you want to call your daughter Bernie.


Meaning: To make white, to purify.

When I think of Blanche, I think of a thin, mysterious actress from the 1930’s.  Perhaps that is because of the famous character named Blanche in “A Streetcar Named Desire.”  Other people associate the name Blanche with a blonde woman.  Still, the mystery of this name is what makes it appealing, and hopefully it will experience a comeback.


Meaning: The meaning is unclear, as it started as a nickname for Caroline, which is in itself a feminine version of Charles.  Charles means, “Full grown man” so this name may be deduced to mean, “Full grown woman, free woman, or peasant.”  (Ironically, since Charles and Caroline are such popular names for royalty!)

This name was originally a nickname for Caroline or Carol but became popular on its own and is now used as a stand alone name.  I first encountered Carrie as the third daughter in the Little House series by Laura Ingalls Wilder.  The name makes me feel relaxed, as if Carrie is someone you could easily sit down with a cup of coffee for a long chat.


Meaning: Bright, clear, famous.

2017 Popularity: #96

This is a nice alternative to Clare, the extra “a” sound at the end providing a bit more femininity to the name.


Meaning: Maiden

2017 Popularity: #83

Don’t ask me how, but Cora is a nickname for the Greek goddess Persephone (also a fun name).  It is a name that feels glittery and bejeweled, almost regal.  Perhaps the connotation as well as its current popularity come from Cora as the matriarch in the popular Downton Abbey series.  That Cora also seemed soft spoken, gentle as well as genteel, and personally reminded me of my mom.  I would be proud to name a daughter Cora!


Meaning: Prosperous in War

2017 Popularity: #476

My husband loves the name Edith, so much so that I’m convinced if we have a second daughter, that will be her name.  For his part, I think he got stuck on it from watching Despicable Me.  He loves the names of all those little girls: Edith, Agnes, and Margo.  As for myself, I love that this is an old-fashioned name that is coming back in style.  It means that naming a daughter Edith will not necessarily make you think of that sweet old woman with the straight white hair and fancy hats you knew at church when you were growing up.  Still, until there are enough baby Ediths about to change the stereotype, I propose calling your daughter by the cute nickname Edie (ee-dee).


Meaning: Light

2017 Popularity: #35

I find the name Eleanor to be both pretty in itself and versatile for nicknames.  Use the name Eleanor and call your daughter the more popular (#16) Ella.  Or call her Ellie (#44) or Nora (#28).  If there’s anything you’ve learned here, it’s that Eleanor and all its forms are pretty trendy right now, but it’s just such a beautiful name to leave off a list!


Meaning: Work, labor

This name is beautiful to pronounce and to write.  It’s so short, it doesn’t need any nicknames.


Meaning: Laurel wreath

2017 Popularity: #340

Another name with optional pronunciations.  We most commonly hear Laura pronounced “Lor-uh.”  However, you can take a more phonetic approach and call her, “L-ow-rah.”  The correct pronunciation most likely lies in the middle somewhere.  When I think of Laura I think of Laura Ingalls Wilder, author of the Little House series, and, as such, I think of the Old West.  It’s a name that makes me think of simplicity and hard work – not the name of a member of the upper class.  The nickname Laurie is also pleasant.  Laurel is also a very pretty name you can use as an alternative.


Meaning: As a short form of Miriam, “Sea of Bitterness.”  Also, “Rebellion, wished-for child, and mistress of the sea.”

I was surprised that this name didn’t even make the top 1,000 names in 2017.  Perhaps Minnie Mouse has spoiled this name for all of us, but it doesn’t have to be this way.  While old fashioned in its way, this name fits right in with our modern selection of cute little girl names.  There’s something young and innocent about this name, but as your daughter ages, it can be powerful, too.  I think of a Minnie as someone with unexpected strength and resolve, someone who would be good in business or politics.  She throws her opponents off their guard with her innocent sounding name and then shows them who’s boss.

From the 1920’s


Meaning: Noble One

2017 Popularity: #70

Alice makes me think of a little girl, playing dress up and tea parties.  It’s a very regal name, and as the girl grows, I can picture a mature young lady who tends to be proper.


Meaning: A form of Elizabeth, means, “God is my oath.”


Meaning: Gift of God

2017 Popularity: #601

As a girl from Kansas, I cannot choose the name Dorothy for any of my daughters – we could never move back.  However, this is a really wonderful name to bring back to popularity.  Cute nicknames for Dorothy include Dee, Dot, Dolly, Dora, and Dottie.


Meaning: French

2017 Popularity: #438

I liked the idea of Frances for a girl’s name before Pope Francis brought back the popularity of the male form of this name.  If you’re unsure about this name, consider using it as a middle name – it flows pretty well with almost any first name!  (And it’s a more unique name than the other middle-name standbys of Marie and Anne).  You could also use the more exotic sounding Francesca and shorten it to Frances.  Nicknames include Frankie (like Frankie Heck from one of our favorite shows The Middle) and Fanny.


Meaning: A feminine form of Claudius, meaning “Lame.”

I put Gladys near the top of my list of favorite old fashioned names.  It’s not overly popular yet, which means your daughter will still be unique.  The meaning of “Lame” is a bit disappointing, but its connection to the name Claudius is heartening.  You can always re-invent it as a name meaning, “Imperial, Regal, Authoritative.”


Meaning: Light

2017 Popularity: #418

I love Helen for a lot of reasons.  First of all, it lends itself to my favorite nickname, “Ellie” and to the nickname Nellie.  There is also a Saint Helen whom I admire – the mother of Constantine, she was a Christian during a time when Christianity was illegal.  But she persevered through the tough times and saw her son take control of Europe, legalize Christianity, and convert.  In a way, she is sort of a richer, more political version of St. Monica.  A more secular story about Helen is, of course, Helen of Troy who was said to be the most beautiful woman in the world.  So if you name your daughter Helen, you can think of her as a strong, persevering, and beautiful woman.


Meaning: Peace

2017 Popularity: #594

This name can be pronounced eye-reen or eye-reen-ee – both are beautiful in their own ways.  I prefer the second pronunciation, but most people will probably use the first.


Meaning: Famous in war.

2017 Popularity: #805

Also Louisa.  As a feminine form of Louis, this name may rise in popularity in the coming years now that Prince William and Kate Middleton have named their third child Louis.


Meaning: A Pearl

2017 Popularity: #132

I’m partial to the name Margaret because I chose Margaret of Cortona as my confirmation saint, and then I named my dog Maggie.  In addition to Maggie, you can form a lot of fun nicknames from Margaret: Marg, Margie, Madge, Midge, Peggy, Meg, Margo, Greta, and Gretchen.  Most of the nicknames have a classy 1950’s vibe to them.  I love to picture my mom, aunts, and their friends attending class.  It makes me think of a simpler time when there weren’t smart phones and Facebook and people actually interacted.


Meaning: Gentle strength

This is a pretty, although obscure, name that you can shorten to Millie.

From the 1930’s


Meaning: Foreign, Strange.  From the same Latin root that forms the word, “Barbarian.”

2017 Popularity: #909

This can be a versatile name; with nicknames like Barbie, Bobbie, and Babsie to work with.  However, the full name Barbara is also a pleasant name for a girl.  If you really think about the original Barbie doll, Barbara Millicent Roberts, and how she appeared on the scene in the ’50’s, the name takes on a new meaning.  I picture Barbara as a Barbie doll, not because she is judged on her looks, but a strong, versatile, powerful woman who makes a splash.  I see her wearing a fashionable tweed suit, carrying a briefcase, and running a board of director’s meeting.


Meaning: Dwells near the beaver stream

A verse from one of my favorite songs, “Home on the Range,” says, “On the banks of the Beaver, where seldom if ever, any poisonous herbage doth grow.”  Perhaps a name that means dwelling near the beaver stream sounds boring for you, but what a beautiful way to remind me of my home (in Kansas)!  Right now Evelyn (#9) and its nickname Evie (#349) are incredibly popular.  Use Beverly, or Bevie, to enjoy a similar sounding name without using the same name for your daughter as everyone else.


Meaning: The meaning is unclear, as it started as a nickname for Caroline, which is in itself a feminine version of Charles.  Charles means, “Full grown man” so this name may be deduced to mean, “Full grown woman, free woman, or peasant.”  (Ironically, since Charles and Caroline are such popular names for royalty!)

The names Caroline (#55), Carolyn (#841), and Carolina (#440) are popular right now, but Carol is off the radar.  If you love music, Carol is a great way to honor that passion.  I also like the idea of using it to honor Karol Wojtyla, also known as St. Pope John Paul II.


Meaning: God is gracious

I love the softness of this name, a feminine version of John.  You can use this if you want to name your daughter after her father or grandfather.  Instead of using Jean as a middle name, as happens too often, name your daughter Jean or Jeannie.  This is a powerful but simple name that will help her be successful in life.


Meaning: God is gracious

Another form of John, Joan has a completely different sound and meaning than Jean.  While I think of Jean as a feminine form of John, I think of Joan as its own name entirely.  One reason, of course, is the famous Joan of Arc.  As an anglophile, I have never been able to get excited about that saint, but I do respect her for what she did.  If you love the story of Joan of Arc, this is a beautiful and simple Catholic name for your girl.


Meaning: Merry, happy

2017 Popularity: #836

You can’t go wrong giving your daughter a name with the word “joy” in it!


Meaning: A combination of the names Mary (Bitter) and Lynn (Lake).

2017 Popularity: #528


Meaning: Graceful

2017 Popularity: #878

Perhaps we all know a Nancy – someone of our mom’s generation.  I do, and so this name is dear to my heart.  I also like the meaning of Graceful and think “Nancy Grace” is a nice full name.  Anne can be a nickname for Nancy, so if you want something more formal on the birth certificate, this is a nice option.


Meaning: Nobleman, Aristocrat

2017 Popularity: #889

Nickname your daughter Pat, Patty, or Trisha.  This is a feminine form of Patrick, so it’s a fun name to use if your daughter’s born on St. Patrick’s day, or if you just like St. Patrick in general!


Meaning: Bright meadow

From the 1940’s


Meaning: The blade of a sword

2017 Popularity: #915

The only Brenda I know is a humble, gentle woman who patiently suffers through one of the worst hands life can deal a person.


Meaning: Divine.  Based on the Roman Goddess of the moon and of hunting.

While not in the top 1,000 names from 2017, Diana is #230.


Meaning: Lady

This name comes from the Italian word “donna” for lady, and that’s how I like to pronounce it and think about it.  This is a good name for a girl who is self possessed and carries herself well, she’s hospitable and always presents a good face to company.


Meaning: Glory

2017 Popularity: #561

Here’s another great name to consider if you love music and want to honor your daughter with a musical name.  The song the angels sang when Jesus was born: Gloria!  I even like shortening it to Glory.  Use this name if you want to choose a religious name for your child without picking a Biblical or Saint name.


Meaning: God is gracious

I like the name Janet as an alternative to Jane or Jeanette.  While I love the name Jane, my husband pointed out that children on the playground might turn it into “plain Jane.”  And Jeanette is a little too French sounding and stylized for me, although I’ve never met a Jeanette I didn’t like.  The two Janets I have most experience with are both incredibly educated, well spoken women.  I trust them as experts in their fields.  I see Janet as getting a PhD and being a very serious child.


Meaning: God will be praised or girl from Judah.

2017 Popularity: #846


Meaning: Beautiful

2017 Popularity: #708

Another name that comes directly from a foreign language, this time the Spanish “linda” for Beautiful.  For some reason, I worked with a lot of Lindas in office environments.  They were never the Vice Presidents or Directors, but they were kind and humble.  They made me feel at home whenever I was in a new job.


Meaning: A short form of Alexandra (to defend) or Cassandra – a mythological prophetess.

2017 Popularity: #894


Meaning: A plain, flat area.

From the Bible, Sharon was a coastal plain in Palestine where oaks and roses grew.  Think of a peaceful, Eden type place.  When I think of the name Sharon, I think of “peace.”  Name your daughter Sharon to bestow a prayer for peace in our world and peace in the Middle East.


Meaning: Lily, Rose

2017 Popularity: #963

We liked the idea of Susan for our daughter – it was a family name on my side, and we both like the nickname “Sue.”  Then my husband wanted to call her Suzy – specifically after Suzy the antagonist in the Calvin and Hobbes series – and the deal was off.  It’s still a beautiful name.

From the 1950’s


Meaning: Combination of Cherry and Beryl.

A Cheryl is strong willed and can take charge, but watch out, she may also be opinionated and even bossy at times.


Meaning: A form of the Greek Artemis, who is the same as the Roman goddess Diana (see Diane above).

2017 Popularity: #637


Meaning: A bee

2017 Popularity: #774

Debbie was a popular name in the 1950’s, but you can modernize the name by calling your daughter Deb or Deborah.  This is a Biblical name as well, referring to the prophetess and judge of Israel.


Meaning: A follower of the Greek god Dionysos, the god of feasting.


Meaning: God is my oath.

2017 Popularity: #13

It’s time to talk about Elizabeth – one of my favorite names for its versatility.  Unfortunately, it appears to be one of everyone else’s favorite names as well.  I love the possible nicknames: Beth, Betty, Eliza, Liz, Lizzie, Lisa, Ellie.  Use Elizabeth to leave your nickname options open.  Each nickname has its own connotations and personality profiles, and you may want to see what works best for you.  Or, to avoid giving your daughter a Top 20 name, use a nickname as her proper name.


Meaning: Praised, woman from Judah

A gentler form of Judith.


Meaning: Pure

2017 Popularity: #556


Meaning: Pure

2017 Popularity: #871

Kathleen is a timeless name, and you probably know a Kathleen or Kathy from every generation.


A name without meaning – it was made up in the 18th century by Sir Philip Sydney for his work Arcadia.  Although I can think of a few famous Pamelas, it’s not a popular name right now, but it’s really pretty!  Use this name for something unique with staying power.


Meaning: Noose, to tie

2017 Popularity: #216

From the 1960’s


Meaning: Angel, divine messenger

2017 Popularity: #234


Meaning: Christian

2017 Popularity: #786

I was always partial to Christine until I became a fan of the Phantom of the Opera.  While I relate to Christine’s love of music, that’s where the similarities end, and the name will always remind me of the musical and vice versa.  So I’m hesitant to use it.  I also like the nicknames Chrissy and Tina, but I’m not sure they’re a fit for me and my family.  Still, I think Christine just has a beautiful ring to it.


Meaning: Fair lady

2017 Popularity: #310

What would a list of names be without the ever popular Jennifer.  Much like my own name, Sarah (#62), Jennifer is almost notorious for its popularity.  But the good news is that it’s not so popular anymore!  My preferred nickname, Jenny, is even lower at #996.  Another consideration for naming your daughter Jennifer – apparently it has a connotation of beauty.  When we were picking a name for Bugaboo, my husband said, “We have to remember that we are plain looking people.  We’ll never have a beautiful daughter like a Jennifer.”  So – beautiful people – consider this name!


Meaning: Downy bearded youth

2017 Popularity: #518

Ok, maybe you don’t expect your daughter to be downy-bearded.  But you can use this name for a baby born in July.


Meaning: Meadow (from Lord Kimberly) or Peridot (from the South African mining city).

2017 Popularity: #164

I was honestly surprised that this name is so popular right now!  But since it’s not in the top 100, it’s still (in my opinion) quite useable!


Meaning: God is my oath, short form for Elizabeth

2017 Popularity: #884


Meaning: Laurel

I like the names Laurel, Laura, and Laurie, but I also like this spelling of the name.  Lori feels more fun – and why shouldn’t it?  It was a popular name in the 1950’s, and you know what a fun loving generation the baby boomers became!


Meaning: Who is like God?

2017 Popularity: #217

I’m a big fan of Michael the Archangel.  Unfortunately for boys, Michael has led the top boys names for pretty much centuries, and it’s still #15!  But you can still name your child after this strong, powerful angel.


Meaning: Date, Palm, Palm Tree

One of my favorite “lullabies” to sing to Bugaboo is the theme song from the Tammy movies, “Tammy In Love.”  The original movie starred Debbie Reynolds, who has a beautiful singing voice, and is pretty good.  However, I just love how soft this name is.  It fits right in for a lullaby song as I rock back and forth.  Tammy, Tammy, Tammy in love!

In addition, Tammy and Tamara are forms of the Hebrew name Tamar.  Since Tamar doesn’t sound like your typical feminine name in today’s culture, I think of this as a prettier way to honor one of Jesus’ great-great-grandmothers.  If you aren’t familiar with the story of Tamar in the Bible, some of her actions may seem weird: she disguised herself as a prostitute to sleep with her father-in-law.  However, she was justified in God’s eyes, because she had been severely wronged.  I’m not saying you want your daughter to emulate this behavior, but you may want her to be courageous, strong willed, creative, and clever.  In her way, Tamar was a sort of early feminist, going the extra mile to stand up for her rights.

From the 1970’s


Meaning: Loveable, worthy to be loved

2017 Popularity: #334

Amanda sounds like the name of a sophisticated socialite in a soap opera.  In fact, I used to name one of my Barbie dolls “Amanda” because she was so glamorous and attractive!  Bring Amanda down to earth with the nickname, “Mandy.”


Meaning: Beloved

2017 Popularity: #174


Meaning: Heather

Once one of the most popular names in our generation, Heather has now lost its fame, which is perfect if you want to use it!  Due to its former popularity, it’s hard to get a read on what a “Heather” would be like.  However, I think she would be a girl of classic natural beauty and humility and soft spoken.


Meaning: Gift

2017 Popularity: #248

Similar to Amanda, name your daughter Jessica to invoke a strong, powerful, and dangerous heroine.  Shorten it to Jessie to raise a country girl with a twinkle in her eye and a smile always darting around the edges of her lips.


Meaning: War, strife

2017 Popularity: #595

I was always accustomed to Kelly as a girl’s name, but I’m coming around to using Kelly as a boy’s name – mostly because it’s gone out of style and has an Irish feel to it.  Back to Kelly as a girl’s name, though – Kelly has all the components I love in a name.  It’s short and it’s pretty.


Meaning: A bee

2017 Popularity: #273

I had a friend named Melissa when I was about three years old, and I never found out if she shortened her name to “Mel” when she got older.  I hope she did, because that’s such a fun nickname!


Meaning: Victory of the people

2017 Popularity: #183


Meaning: A crown, a garland

2017 Popularity: #287

Here’s another name we grew up with.  Honestly, because it was popular growing up, I used to think of Stephanie as a sort of boring name.  However, now that it has lessened in popularity, I think it’s fun!  Steph, Stephie, or just Stephanie, is a girl who knows how to have a good time and makes lots of friends.  In addition, it’s a feminine form of Stephen, the first martyr.


Meaning: Princess

2017 Popularity: #62

And we come to my name!  I used to hate it growing up because it was so common.  And at #62 in 2017, it may still be too common for you to use.  But I have to admit (in all modesty here) that it’s a pretty name!  I would probably name a daughter Sarah, but I’m not so sure I’m on board with naming my children after myself.  Also, there’s no nicknames for it and its popularity means it will be easily pronounced and will look good on resumes.


Meaning: Old, wise

From the 1980’s


2017 Popularity: #401

I think naming your daughter after a precious stone is, well, precious.  And the name Amber goes beyond that – I think of “Amber waves of grain.”  You can’t control how your child will turn out, but if you think that, genetically speaking, your daughter might have amber hair, this is a lovely name to use!


Meaning: Dweller near the ash tree forest

2017 Popularity: #122


Meaning: From Brittany, a Breton

2017 Popularity: #712

Thanks to Brittany Spears, I feel this poor name has a connotation of a pretty but ditzy girl.  Not everyone feels that way, or it wouldn’t be #712 in popularity!  If we can take back the connotation, the name itself is really quite nice.  As an anglophile, I like to pronounce it with all syllables – “Brit-tain-ny” as opposed to “Britt-ney” – to honor its roots.


2017 Popularity: #644

Another precious stone, and in this case I think the stone itself is prettier than amber.  There’s something mysterious and exotic about crystal, which is why I love this name for a girl!


Meaning: God is my judge

2017 Popularity: #351 and Daniella is #346

While this name is pretty, it is also a good female form of Daniel, if you want to go with Biblical names for your daughter.


Meaning: Rival, trying to equal or excel

2017 Popularity: #12

When it rose to fame in the 1980’s, Emily had staying power.  It has stayed at the top of the name lists for decades and is recently dropping.  Emily may have dropped enough for you to use it on your daughter, but watch out for Emma, which is also #1.  It also means that your nicknames of Emmy or Em are likely to be used by other girls as well.


Meaning: Pearl

2017 Popularity: #499

A classy and timeless name, watch out for unique spellings of Megan.  I’ll tolerate Meghan if I have to, but people have been known to get crazy with this name!  Last year a pet peeve madness (alternative to a March Madness bracket) tournament gave an entire fourth of the bracket to strange spellings of Megan.


Meaning: Ewe

2017 Popularity: #195

What I like about the name Rachel is that it is both pretty and Biblical.  Like most Biblical characters, Rachel had her flaws, but sometimes it’s in acknowledging the flaws that we can grow.


Meaning: Name of God, His name is God

2017 Popularity: #54

I’m a little surprised at how popular Samantha is, and because of it’s spot in the top 100 names of 2017, I probably wouldn’t use it yet.  But I like the nickname Sam for a girl.


Meaning: Epiphany

2017 Popularity: #580

From the 1990’s


Meaning: To defend, to help

2017 Popularity: #120

When I saw the name Alexandra, I thought how lovely it was.  Apparently so did everyone else.  Forms of Alexandra (and Alexander) pepper the top 1,000 names for boys and girls in 2017.  Still, it seemed that Alexis (#144), Alexia (#412) and Alexa (#65) were more popular nicknames than my preferred Alex.  The name Alexandria at #257 is farther down on the list, and I prefer that name even more due to its connection with ancient history and the Lighthouse at Alexandria.  It’s also a good name because of its connection to Alexander the Great – a strong, princely name you might give to a future leader.


Meaning: Son (child) of Alice (Noble one)

2017 Popularity: #60

Another of my Barbie dolls’ names, I obviously felt this name referred to a beautiful, classy woman.  However, I also see Allison as more of a hard worker than just a pretty face.


Meaning: Nobility

2017 Popularity: #133


Meaning: A borough in London on the north bank of the Thames.

2017 Popularity: #381

I love the soft sounds in this name and its connection to England.


Meaning: From Courtenay (a location in Northern France)

2017 Popularity: #948


Meaning: Residing in a nook, recess, or remote valley

2107 Popularity: #343


Meaning: Gracious, full of grace, mercy

2017 Popularity: #32

This name was almost too popular to include on this list, but if Emily and Sarah made the cut, then we shouldn’t leave out Hannah.  The Biblical Hannah is a little more of a role model than some of the names on this list.  The mother of Samuel, if you are expecting twins you can name them Hannah and Samantha or Hannah and Samuel.


Meaning: Gift of God, Battle mighty

2017 Popularity: #17

As we work through the 1990’s and into the 2000’s, we are bound to come across names that are still very popular.  Think about this – if you were a young girl in the 1990’s and saw all the babies being named Madison, wouldn’t you hold on to that name until you had your own child?  That’s why these names have staying power.  Popular though it is, Madison is a very pretty name and cute nicknames like Maddie so don’t worry about choosing this name for your daughter.  The name is also related to Matilda and Maud, some alternatives to consider if you can’t handle the popularity of the name.


Meaning: White sea

2017 Popularity: #152

One of my all-time favorite names, and yet I can’t put into words why I like it so much.  Let it roll off your tongue a few times, and you may like it too!


Meaning: Victory

2017 Popularity: #19

As a huge Sherlock Holmes fan, I am obsessed with Victorian England.  Can you understand why I would like the name Victoria?  I”m not a huge fan of the nickname Vickie, but Tory is cute.  Or just use the entire name.

From the 2000’s


2017 Popularity: #191

I think Brooke is one of the sweetest names you can give a little girl, but I love it for another reason.  I’m a huge fan of J.S. Bach, and what does Bach mean – Brook!  So by naming your daughter Brooke, you can pay homage to one of the greatest classical (baroque) composers.


Meaning: Blooming, verdant

2017 Popularity: #22

So many names that were popular in the 2000’s are still around, and I didn’t want to break the top 25 in this list.  However, I had to make an exception for Chloe.  I think it’s such a fun name.


2017 Popularity: #119

If you’re naming your daughter after a virtue, I think there are a few that roll off the tongue easier.  However, as a quality you would like to see in your child, Faith makes an excellent name.


Meaning: Form of Magdalene, From Magdala, a town on the Sea of Galilee

2017 Popularity: #100


Meaning: Born on Christmas Day

2017 Popularity: #36


Meaning: A page boy, attendant

2017 Popularity: #179


Meaning: A treeless plain

2017 Popularity: #38


Meaning: From the wide Island

2017 Popularity: #146

I never realized the meaning of Sydney before – what an apt name for a large city on an Island country!


2017 Popularity: #112

It shows my age when I say that I still think of Taylor as a boy’s name.  However, that’s what makes this name fun for girls.  It actually started in the 1990’s to gain popularity, and it’s place at #112 on the 2017 list is respectable for both its popularity and the fact that it’s not overwhelmingly in use.


Meaning: Life

2017 Popularity: #41 or #29 Zoey

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