5 Faith Based Toys for Your Child

This post is part of a nine post series on introducing the faith to your children.  Today’s post is about faith-based toys.

From the very beginning, your child learns about the world around him through play.  Little babies use toys to learn about cause and effect.  They cuddle stuffed animals and role-play with dolls.  You can use figurines and puzzles to teach your child words, like what the animals are.  So it makes sense that you should use toys to help introduce the faith to your children.  Here are five ways you can use toys to introduce the faith to your child.

Noah’s Ark

Learning about animals and animal sounds is one of the earliest ways you can interact with your baby.  I love to sit with Bugaboo and look through books at pictures of animals and make their noises.  As such, a Noah’s Ark toy is a great early toy for your baby.  When your baby is still young, use the toy animals to help her learn about animals and animal sounds.  Put the animals in the boat for fine motor skill development.  Finally, when your baby is old enough to understand Bible stories, start to talk to her about the flood.

You may consider getting a Fisher Price Little People Noah’s Ark like the one pictured above, because you can also get a Little People Nativity, in which case the toys will match and be interchangeable.

For your baby, you may consider a set of plush animals.


Nativity sets also have a lot of animals to work with – sheep, cows, camels, and a donkey.  With a nativity set you can begin to introduce your baby to the major players in Christianity: Mary, Joseph, angels, and – of course – Baby Jesus.  Your baby will love having a little baby as the star of the nativity scene.  As your child grows older, start using the Nativity Scene in conjunction with advent to really dive in to the Christmas story.  Have the wise men start marching in toward the scene from far away.  Hide baby Jesus somewhere until he makes his appearance on Christmas.  Have Mary and Joseph walk to Bethlehem.

Stuffed Animals

One timeless symbol of Christianity is the lamb, and having a stuffed lamb for your baby is a great way to introduce her to the faith.  Just start off with a soft, cuddly lamb, so that as she learns about the Lamb of God she will understand Jesus to be loving and gentle.  You can also use the lamb to sing, “Mary Had a Little Lamb” with your child – your baby may not get the hidden message, but it’s something you can meditate upon while she plays.

There are a lot of stuffed animals, other than lambs, that may play Christian songs and lullabies or say Christian prayers.  I have a stuffed owl that says “Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep” (although it was advertised as “The Lord’s Prayer” – I’ve never heard the Lord’s Prayer said quite like that!).  Bugaboo loves to try to push the button to make the owl talk!  We also have a stuffed lamb that says the same prayer.  Since these are part of Bugaboo’s nightly prayers, I imagine she will start sleeping with one or both as she grows older.

Wee Believers makes a line of “Lil’ Prayer Buddies” – lovies in various animal forms that say prayers.  This is a great company which also makes other toys for Catholic families.

Peg Dolls

In a previous post, I wrote about how you can have a peg doll exchange party.  We made Peg Doll Saints, which you can use to teach your baby about the Catholic Saints.  Even when your baby is young, these dolls will help introduce her to the concept of the religious: nuns, monks, and priests, since most saints lived consecrated religious lives.  As your children get older, you can start to tell them the stories associated with each saint.  Your children can start acting out religious stories using these peg dolls.

If you are not Catholic, you can still have a peg doll exchange party.  Choose your favorite Bible characters or even make a Nativity.


Dress Up

Children love to play dress up and make believe.  Some Catholic and Protestant mothers shun the idea of celebrating Halloween.  Instead, they have their children dress up as saints or Biblical characters.  But this tradition is not just for Halloween.  Your children may want to act out their favorite Bible stories all year long.  Here are a few quick dress up opportunities for your child:

Think about these opportunities to teach your children about their faith while they play with their toys.  These are the good old days, and we can make learning fun.  What faith based toys do your children love to play with?

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